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Meal Plan Information

Meal Plans

  • The fee for our meals is $30.00 a week. Clients can decide if they want less than every day service at $6.00 a day.
  • If the fees are a problem for you, please contact us anyway. We do have some ability to offer discounted meals, thanks to donations from generous friends.
  • We can also provide frozen meals for the weekend for $4.00 each, delivered on Friday.
  • What We Do

  • We provide a hot tray every weekday, with a meat, vegetables and starch or fruit.
  • We offer regular or diabetic meals. The diabetic meals have diabetic appropriate desserts.
  • We do not add any salt to our food but we do use some products that contain salt.
  • Also, made from scratch soup, salads, sandwich, fruit and dessert or cookies are provided in a brown bag every day except Wednesday. On Wednesday a quart of milk and salad is delivered.
  • From our range of services to our community initiatives, we ensure every step is taken with a touch of excellence. We engage with our community, understand their needs, and curate our services to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • Values

    • Integrity - Upholding the highest standards in our actions.
    • Commitment - Dedication in every action and decision we make.
    • Passion - Ensuring that every task is carried out with heart and soul.

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